Are you struggling with streamlining your business?

Do you find yourself making a to-do list? Does your list seem to get longer and longer as the days continue to pass you by. The to-do list now becomes a 'to-don't' list. You never seem to see the end of it.Businesswoman--with-folder-vector-character

Here at VirtuSite we away take the messy to stress-free.

We specialize in Operations management, Social Media Management and Website Design & Maintenance. We are dedicated to working with overworked and overwhelmed small business owners who are seeking someone to put all the pieces in place-whether it's client management, website content updates, posting to their social media sites, etc. we are here to help with it all!

Is your business foundation solid or is it crumbling?


For most business owners, the answer is very simple-it's shaky. Most business owners tbi2shakyground620start out with trying to do it by themselves to save money. Then it happens-they never get around to everything on that to-do list, they missed a very important call or worst case scenerio they miss an important meeting. What's the result? They end up with their credibility being tarnished and sometimes they even lose clients. Why you ask?

  • They are unaware that there are gaps in their business
  • Unclear about how to make time for their business or manage their time
  • Unclear about what systems and processes are needed for their busimess
  • Unclear how to maximize their time

Does that sound like you?

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What are the benefits for you working with a virtual assistant?

Because I have my own virtual office, you as a business owner will be able to enjoy some cost effective solutions:

  • NO extra office space or equipment
  • NO hiring of employees
  • NO employee-related taxes, benefits, or insurance costs
  • Only be charged for the time spent on your project


  • Website Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Project Management
  • Email Management
  • Administrative Support

Those are just a few of the services I offer. To view more services please visit my Services tab. If you are seeking specialty services please click on the Specialty Services tab.

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